Monday, October 15, 2012

I just don't give a Fuck anymore!

It is really a cruel joke.  I keep telling myself everyday, but I look in the mirror and are reminded that it is true.  I am dying and my time depends on keeping nutrients in me and the weight on.   I don't want anyone to know, I hate those people who never were my friend, suddenly act as if they were my besty.  Like I give a shit about how sorry they are!  Get the fuck out of here and stay away.  I told my children the truth on everything.  Were their childhoods changed, yes they were not naive, they never blindly went along, they were the ones always asking.
Do I care that I hurt YOUR feelings, no I don't.  Did YOU care when you hurt mine or my children's no!  You have done nothing but slander and create libelous and fantastic tales to fit YOUR need.  Now with a newspaper in your back pocket do you really think that's going to help you?!